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Dressing Paper Dolls

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Order The Guys / Paper Dolls - Gingerbread Man Die Kit - $37.95





The Guys portion of the kit comes with 2 size Guys, rick-rack, the face and a base.

You can use cardstock or chipboard. Chipboard is what cereal boxes are made from. It is thicker and more durable... and it's a free source of stock so your little one can make as many family members as she wants. You will want to cut on the side you wish to be your front.

Don't overdo the glue. Once attached, place under something flat for a few minutes.

Bend the tabs on the bottom towards the back. They will help lock the feet into the base but can easily be removed for storage.

NOTE: You do not have to glue on rick-rack which makes them more seasonal.



The Base can be cut from the same cardstock or chipboard but does not have to be.

Accordian fold on the score lines with the middle score line being your peak.

For the little Guys, put a small dot of glue inside the peak and pinch together until dry.

Use your imagination! This is where it becomes fun!

The Flowers and Stars are made from the Button Die in the Outfits Kit. The center of the Flower is from the circle portion of the face die. Use a 3mm Paper Shaper to cup the flowers.




What a great way to use up those bits of scrap paper you just hate to throw away, right?

Mix and match cardstock or printed paper to coordinate her style.

Her belt is found on The Guys Die Kit. Center across and line up to score lines on sides of dress.

Tiny 1/8" white brads are used for her buttons (found at Michael's).

Cut off the tab on the square bow if used on the dress.



Use the flowers to hide the slot where her head fits through.

Make sure not to glue slot closed. Place glue only on the bottom part of the flower.

Use the circles from the face die for the centers of the flowers.

One can also use the heart button for the center of the bow.

Make Mama a pearl necklace using approximately 30 3mm pearls strung onto a 4" piece of elastic thread. Knot to hold.



Smaller buttons are cut from the circles on the face die.

Use the square bow for his bow tie. You can cut the tab off and glue into place or use the tab so it can be removed and switched.

To give the tie a more 3D appearance, cut a second tie (top portion only) in the opposite direction as the print in the full tie. This really looks great on a striped pattern.



Cut off tabs on sides if using the belt.

Small brads can be used for buttons.

CAP - Fold tabs to the back. Place a small dot of glue just on the inside of the fold to secure but make sure not to glue tabs completely down. Let dry. This will secure cap to boys head but can be removed.

Use a water bottle cap on score line to fold brim out.

Embellish brim if desired.



Make her a twin with Big Brother or have her coordinate with Mommy.

A piece of thread tied into a bow makes a petite embellishment on the front of her dress.



Bring life to the bows with some decorative centers.

Cup the flower using a 3mm Paper Shaper. Glue in a circle on the center using the circle in the face die.

BOUQUET - Make a small bouquet cutting the rounded bow from green cardstock. Glue flowers on top. Glue onto hand, or cut a small tab and glue onto back of bouquet (shown) so it can be taken on and off of hand.