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Individual Finger Puppet $4.98

Set of 5 Hoofs - or - Set of 5 Paws $19.98
Hoofs and Paws Finger Puppets will delight any child while they roll play with their favorite Farm Animal.
Each has their own personality and have fun being around all of the club members.
Use them to decorate a wrapped present, as party favors, stocking stuffers, Easter basket stuffers, or hang a name tag on their arm to mark their place at the table
You can purchase them individually or in a set of 5 ( a $4.92 savings) between Hoofs (Bull, Cow, Horse, Lamb, Pig) or Paws (Dog, Fox, Rabbit, Raccoon, Skunk)
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Hoofs Finger Puppet Set

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Paws Finger Puppet Set

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The Fox Finger Puppet

The Fox

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Our Friendly Cow Finger Puppet


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