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Secret Keepers - $9.95 each
They are called Secrets because the children they help will whisper their problem into the backpack and then can go on with their day
You can read their story in COMMUNITY SERVICE (link) on how they are helping children who come from trauma, neglect and abuse
They come with a carabine clip so they can clip to a belt loop, lunch box handle or backpack strap Send a note in his or her lunch box or stick on the fridge with words of encouragement, good luck on a test, or just that you are thinking about them today Slip in a Hershey Kiss to say "Good Job A Backpack fits on any Hoofs or Paws animal, magnet closure for security and will stick to most metal surfaces. Fill an Easter basket, Christmas stocking, or use for the Tooth Fairy when she comes to make that special swap in the middle of the night! (exchange rate not guaranteed)
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