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Trailer Park Mobile Homes in Z-Scale

Mini Trailer Park Mobile Homes

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The smallest scale in electric powered Model Railroading thus far (sort of*) is Z-Scale (1:220).

It was introduced by the Märklin company in 1972.

*There is a smaller model run by a puff of air if you want to count that.

These Mobile Homes can provide residences for your Z-Scale model layout or they are just fun to look at on their own.

Built with details we offer the finer lifestyle in mobile home living... from a Weber Grill or Wishing Well to a Dog House.

They sit on a 3" x 3" base and housed in a plastic display cube. Trees are approx 2" tall.

Tbase can be removed from the cube and mounted directly onto your layout. Place in the background of a larger scale to give your layout depth.

Mobile Home

Z Scale Aqua Mobile Home

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Mobile Home

Z Scale Brown Mobile Home

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Mobile Home

Z Scale Pink Mobile Home

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