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Owl / Cat Basket

TREAT BASKETS - Make these adorable Treat Baskets for your next party or gathering! Baskets are 2 1/2" x 3" x 3" and can be used afterwards on your dresser or workdesk. Several can be made in a short amount of time. Do them in holiday colors to add to a festive table setting.
Die comes with complete instructions. See "Needle Keeper" below for visual on how to make nose on Cat.



- Basic Instructions come with all Die Sets.
- NOTE: Iron Fusible Interfacing to back of Fabric before cutting images to keep the edge intacted when stitching. No need to iron to felt.

- OWL Head/Wings - Felt Panel 5" x 6", Fabric Panel w/Fusible Interfacing 5" x 6".
- Scraps of White, Black and Brown Felt for face.
- Two Buttons to attach Wings on Side of Basket.
- 4" Satin Ribbon for Bow under chin. Bow and Beak attach through Basket to secure Head.

- CAT Head - Felt Panel 3 3/4" x 4", Fabric Panel w/Fusible Interfacing 3 3/4" x 4".
- Scraps of White and Black Felt for face.
- 2 White Mini Brads to attach Eye Centers.
- Tail - 12 strands 24" long of coordinating Yarn. Fold in half, divide into 3 sections of 8 strands, braid.

- BASKET - Felt: Cut 5 pieces 3" x 3".
- Fabric w/Fusible Interfacing: Cut 1 piece 3" x 3" and 4 pieces 2 1/2" x 3".
- OPTIONAL (not shown) Outline face with 3mm pearls by sliding a pearl onto needle with each stitch.

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Order The Owl Basket Sewing Kit - $19.95 (Bulk Rates Available)

Cat Purse

Every little girl will love her Cat Purse to hold her favorite treasures. Shown: Front, Opened and Back. It measures 5 3/4" x 6" x 1" with a front pocket under the flap and holds secure with magnet closures. Paws are made from the heart die (included) flipped upside-down and 1/4" hole punches.



- Cat Instructions included in Die Set.
- NOTE: Iron Fusible Interfacing to back of Fabric before cutting images to keep the edge intacted when stitching. No need to iron to felt.

- CAT HEAD - Fabric Panel w/Fusible Interfacing 3 3/4" x 4", Felt Panel 3 3/4" x 4", then cut Felt piece 3/8" around edge with pinking sheers enough so printed fabric can
  be seen underneath.
- Scraps of Felt for face and Paws.
- 2 White Mini Brads to hold Eye Centers on.
- Satin Ribbon if desired.
- Assemble Face before layering.

- PURSE - Felt: 1 each 4" x 6" (Short Pocket), 5 1/2" x 6" (Front) and 10 1/2" x 6" (Back and Front Flap). NOTE: Lay Cat Head even and centered on 6" edge to create Flap
  of Purse. Cut to match 1 1/2" up.
- Shallow Stitch Magnet Washer centered onto felt flap.
- Purse Sides - 3 1" x 6". Handle: 24 strands 12" long, braid.
- After purse is assembled, match 2nd Magnet Washer onto purse to Magnet Washer in flap. Shallow Stitch to hold and Blanket Stitch Heart over Magnet to cover. Glue on
  dots to finish Paw.

Order The Owl Basket Sewing Kit - $19.95 (Bulk Rates Available)

Needle Keeper Sewing Kit

With my many sewing projects at hand I seem to always have a needle threaded with one color or another. To keep track of my needles I made the Needle Keeper. At a quick glance I can make sure all of my needles are accounted for and one didn't accidentally make it's way into the carpet.

Using the Owl Die Set and a few extra ingredients you can make them as gifts, give-aways, or add to your own arsenal of tools. Complete instructions for Owl and Cat are included with Die Kit.



Felt Inside - 7 1/4" x 5"; Felt Outside and Chipboard - 2 pieces 3 3/4" x 4 1/4"; Scrap Felt for Face; 4" Satin Ribbon;
Thread for Whiskers; 2 Magnet Washers (found at Home Depot)

   - Fold 7 1/4" s 5" piece of felt in half. Lay die over felt with cutting edge at ear just over edge of fold.
   - Run through machine.
   - Due to the thickness it may not cut all of the way through. Carefully separate areas still attached with scissors.
   - While still folded, Shallow Stitch 1 Magnet Washer into place on edge opposite fold.
   - Attach second Magnet Washer to other side. NOTE: Make sure magents do not repel each other.

   - Opened up, this is what you will have.

   - Cut out 2 pieces from Chipboard (cereal box). Trim 3/16" off entire edge with scissors just enough to clear stitch holes.
   - This piece is used to keep needles from poking through to the outside.

   NOSE - Making the Nose is simple!
   - Cut out a Heart
   - Invert cut Heart back onto die with the scallops oppisite each other.
     NOTE: Make sure side edges do not get cut again.
   - Run through machine again.
   - Discard point of heart that has been cut off.

   - Cut out Eyes using Large Circle Die on White Felt and Small Circle Die on Green Felt
   - Blanket Stitch White Circles into place.
   - Use 2 white Mini Brads to secure Eye Centers.
   - Attach Nose when creating Whiskers.
   - Add No-Tie Bow-Tie if desired.

   - Open Inside Piece so magnets are shown. On right side of fold, pin backside of Face Piece to
     magnet side of Inside Piece with 1 cut Chipboard inbetween.
   - Start at Point of Ear and Blanket Stitch over to other ear, then down around chin. Stop at fold.
     - Attach the Back Piece in the same manor
     - When you get to fold, Blanket Stitch Front and Back together.

Order The Owl Basket Sewing Kit - $19.95 (Bulk Rates Available)

Making Tulips

   Spring is always the first thing we think of when we see Tulips. Red denotes true love, while yellow is for
   friendship, purple is for loyalty and white for purity.

   Another way to get use out of your Owl Die Set is to use the wings to make Tulips. Use a variety of shades and
   color felt, and add pearls or beads along the edge to give it a wet look. They make a perfect mini Easter Treat
   Basket. Add a name tag and use for place markers at your holiday table, or attach Tulips to a napkin ring made
   from felt.
   - Cut out 2 wings to make Tulip Pedals. NOTE: This does not work well if using printed fabric unless print is clear
     on both sides. If so, then make sure to cut a left and a right by cutting one on the backside.
   - Arrange so points of wings are pointing in opposite directions and rounded edge fits together at bottom.
     NOTE: You may have to trim a little at bottom edge for a clean match.
   - Use a double thread for stitches. Take 4 feet and fold in half using the folded end to scure your first stitch.
   - Follow the hole guides on the top left pedal. Start in the 12th hole from the point on the left side of pedal and
     blanket stitch up to point.
   - Place one more stitch in point, then with thread extended out from top, put a small drop of clear glue to hold; let
     dry. NOTE: If making more then one Tulip, you can start your next Tulip and work to same point. Fisnish first
     Tulip while second dries, and so on.
   - When dry, bend thread down so it lays along edge of fabric. Continue to finish up to and including the 15th hole.
   - Match second pedal behind first with points pointing in opposite directions and continue around bottom to attach both pieces together.
     NOTE: Holes may not line up so use top holes as guide and pierce through bottom piece.
   - When you get back to your first stitch run thread through first stitch so it looks continual.
   - Finish remaining raw edge on back petal in same manor around point.
   - Use the basket instructions which comes with the die set and add Tulips where you want.
   - To make the handle, cut 8 strands of yarn 12" long and braid. Tie ends and attach to sides.
   - Following instructions above, cut from cardstock of choice. You can leave a perforated edge or blanket stitch
     around to conseal holes. Attach to a 5.5" x 4.25" card base with your favorite Spring saying.
   - Cut 3 heart shapes from green cardstock. Turn upside down and attach to bottom of Tulips.

Order The Owl Basket Sewing Kit - $19.95 (Bulk Rates Available)

Blue Bird Gift Card Holder Sewing Kit

Complete Instructions included in Die Kit, including Cross Stitch to create your own personalized sentiment.

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Order The Blue Bird Gift Card Holder Sewing Kit Die - $19.95       Fabric Pack (Sold Separately) - $9.95