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Unicorns Available With Optional Journal

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UNICORNS are soft finger puppets made of fleece, stuffed with cuteness, and named by their color.

Unicorn is made of bright colors    

They can be purchased with just a Certificate of Adoption for $8 or included with their own personalized Journal for $20.

Which ever breed one chooses, they will have hours of fun using their imagination and creating fond memories with their Adopted Friend.

JOURNAL has 20 pages tucked between a soft padded cover with a Certificate of Adoption.

There are areas to Journal their day with places to add photos and draw pictures.

There is a front pocket that the new Adopted Friend can rest in while not at play.

Documenting their day will bring out their imagination as one Journals their play dates.

Personalized throughout the Journal makes a fun keepsake with memories for years to come.


Peace The Blue Unicorn w/optional Journal

Order Blue Unicorn Peace


Lucky The Green Unicorn w/optional Journal

Order Green Unicorn Lucky


Sunny The Gold Unicorn w/optional Journal

Order Gold Unicorn Sunny


Spirit The Orange Unicorn w/optional Journal

Order Orange Unicorn Spirit


Magic The Violet Unicorn w/optional Journal

Order Violet Unicorn Magic


Tranquility The Pink Unicorn w/optional Journal

Order Pink Unicorn Tranquility